Do You Want Answers? Some management teams try to hide information. They say,

“You can’t handle the truth!”

But that’s not you. You want the truth. You know that real time data is critical to making smart decisions and staying one step ahead of your competition. At KPI Fire we are looking for a few good men, or women who want the truth, data, KPIs, at their fingertips. (Go ahead, watch the video. We’ll wait.)



If you are looking for Executive Dashboards or just a simple way to see your:

  • Goals
  • Initiatives
  • and Key Metrics all in one place…


KPI Fire is What You’re Looking For

KPI Fire’s Executive Dashboards make that as easy as pie (or bar, line, doughnut, gauge… any type of chart you want)! Intuitive easy to use charts help you save time and give you new insights to your organization so you can make smart decisions based on data, not guesses.

KPI Fire = Data Based Decision Making

KPI Fire’s Executive Dashboards can be linked directly to your ERP system, shop floor management tool, or any other database in your organizaiton. Charts can also be populated manually or linked to a spreadsheet. KPI Fire makes your data VISUAL, no matter where your data resides.

KPI Fire Executive Dashboards… Data… Insight… Simplified.