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 KPI Fire helps you visually execute your strategy.

Here’s how…

Create and communicate your strategy goals for everyone in your organization to see. Whether you call them Objectives, Initiatives, or Goals, your entire team will know exactly what needs to be done.

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KPI Fire Goals Dashboard
KPI Fire Idea Generator
KPI Fire Idea Generator

Give Your Team a Voice

Employees enter ideas that will improve the company. Then those Ideas are prioritized and turned into projects…
Everyone can submit process improvement ideas with a single click, for free.

Align Ideas to Goals

Get your team excited about real projects that are directly tied to their goals. KPI Fire helps you prioritize your projects around work smarter. With clear alignment to company goals and metrics, employees feel empowered and engaged.

KPI Fire Idea Funnel
KPI Fire Idea Funnel
Project Tile View with Health and Days Remaining

Manage Projects with Ease

KPI Fire gives you everything you need, nothing you don’t.

  • Collaborate with your teams
  • Create standard workflows for common project types
  • Manage your work in the fastest user interface ever created

Make KPIs Visiblestrategy execution

Collaborate & Standardize your workflows

KPI Fire is a tool to help you collaborate as a team and standardize your workflows so you can close more projects and get more done.  It also tracks your savings and goals so you can prove the value you bring to your company.

With KPI Fire, both visualizing and executing your strategy is easy.  Your team and your boss will thank you.

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