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Companies around the world are talking about Operational Excellence. But what does Operational Excellence really mean? Is it have good financial metrics? Does it mean streamlining your supply chain? Perhaps. But what if Operational Excellence means creating a culture where everyone in your organization is continuously improving processes and wowing their customers? Then it won’t just be some of your KPIs that improve but your entire business. And the improvements will be sustained, not just a 1 time event.

KPI Fire gives you a complete solution for driving that culture of Operational Excellence deep into your company’s DNA. KPI Fire makes your strategic goals visible. It guides your team through your custom problem solving process so you can repeatably produce world class results. Here is a simple 4 step system to achieve Operational Excellence and engage your workforce in the continuous improvement process. 

Set Goals for Operational ExcellenceIdentify your key differentiatorsSet goals for processes that enable your strategyTrack KPIs in real timeCapture IdeasUse Value Stream Management to identify improvement opportunities such as waste, variation, and over-burdening of employeesCapture the Voice of the Customer, Employees and Process OwnersPrioritize your improvements in the opportunity funnelSolve ProblemsSimplify the problem solving processStandardize workEngage teams in a collaborative environmentShow ResultsShow the connection between projects and process improvementsDemonstrate hard and soft savingsReward teams for success

With KPI Fire you can work on and track value stream improvements using standard workflows like PDCA, DMAIC, 8D and 5S. Everything can be customized so you can use your own workflows, templates and tools. KPIs are also tracked on your own custom dashboards. 

KPI Fire Operational Excellence Software makes managing continuous improvement simple, intuitive, and eliminates non value added work.


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Gather the Voice of the Customer

With KPI Fire it’s easy to gather the Voice of the Customer. Everyone from the line operator to the CEO can suggest improvement ideas that will support your company’s metrics and strategy.

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Manage Continuous Improvement Projects

Some companies use DMAIC, others PDCA. Some use 8D, and others 5S. Whatever your workflow for Continuous Improvement KPI Fire has you covered. You can create your own custom workflows enabling use of standardized CI processes throughout your entire company.

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Show Results!

Can you show the impact you have on key metrics… like the bottom line? If not then KPI Fire can help! KPI Fire makes it easy for everyone in the organization to see project metrics like Total Hard and Soft Savings and Project Completion Rates. With KPI FIre you can also show the impact you’re having on the metrics management really cares about.

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