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Being on a continuous improvement journey means the job is never done. There are always opportunities to improve, to streamline more processes, reduce more waste, and enhance team commitment.

Organizations need to train everyone to work on the transformation toward a different culture. People need to understand the tools of continuous improvement and use those tools to identify and eliminate non-value-added waste. Everyone can contribute to the continuous improvement effort. They also need to have input into the projects being worked on.

KPI Fire has worked closely with organizations around the world. We’ve observed that the organizations that are thriving in this volatile and evolving business environment have 7 core characteristics and we want to share those with you in a Special Report—The 7 Habits of Continuous Improvement.

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We recommend these areas as a starting point for future Continuous Improvement efforts. In addition, we invite you to investigate our Blogs and Training Videos for more timely and essential Continuous Improvement guidance.

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