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September 29, 2017

DMAIC Process Software

DMAIC Process / DMAIC Software Are you looking for DMAIC process software to manage you DMAIC process or DMAIC workflow?       D) Design Define the Problem or Opportunity Select a Project Leader Select Team Members including Subject Matter Experts Establish a SMART Goal Link to a KPI VOC – Identify Stakeholders and perform Stakeholder […]

Keith Norris
August 18, 2017

KPI Fire V4.31 Release Notes

New Features Build your own A3 forms! You can now create new tabs in a project then place text tiles on those tabs. Drag and drop the tiles, make them big or small, they snap to a grid making it easy to organize your page. Give each tile a name and save the workflow. Tabs […]

July 21, 2017

Technology is Improving Healthcare

Hospital networks and pharmaceutical companies are actively engage in continuous improvement using Lean and Six Sigma. Why? It is helping them improve patient care and keep costs down. While traditionally performance metrics were charted on paper and action items were take down in notebooks modern electronic tools and the portability of tablets have made it […]

May 16, 2017

KPI Fire V4.21 Release Notes – May 15, 2017

New Features Improved Project Health and Project Status charts on the project dashboard Blue icons improve visibility to attached files and notes in tasks When users are removed from an account their metrics projects goals and tasks can be reassigned Bug Fixes Sub tile counts showed deleted metrics projects or goals in some cases Tasks […]

May 8, 2017

KPI Fire V4.18 Release Notes – May 7, 2017

New Features Due dates turn red when they are past due Task Groups show the number of tasks and completed tasks Administrators can reassign metrics, projects, and goals when removing user accounts Clear Filters button now clears the search field Bug Fixes Search bar sized to prevent overlap on with other filters on smaller screens […]