About KPI Fire

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Who We Are

KPI Fire is a growing SaaS company based in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. We have customers on 6 continents and partners who help serve every corner of the globe. Our customers include many large enterprises who value our personalized service and include: Yahoo!, Consumer Reports, Steiner Electric, Plexus, Nitto, Goldfields,  and other companies just like yours.

Our mission is to help you create a results focused culture of excellence in your company.

About Our Founder

cedro toro

While working as a Lean Six Sigma consultant, Founder Cedro Toro saw many behaviors that were often common across high performing organizations. He paid special attention to the behaviors which were largely responsible for their success.He also noticed that there were many companies who did not know about these behaviors or how to implement them.

Consequently, Cedro began developing KPI Fire in 2008. His objective was to help all organizations adopt these behaviors, no matter how complex or large it may be. In addition, he developed the GEAR Model to make this even easier.

KPI Fire is the visual representation and software tool for the GEAR ™ Model for Operational Excellence.

  • Focused Goal Alignment
    • Clearly defined long term objectives
    • Well established short term objectives for all layers of the organization
    • Alignment down to the individual and task level
  • Enabling Systems
    • Unquestionably highly engaged leadership
    • Coaching systems that elevate teams positively
    • Uniquely designed problem Solving systems
  • Action and Accountability
    • A relentless systematic approach to Continuous Improvement
    • Immediately aligning projects and tasks to strategic objectives
  • Results
    • Leading and Lagging KPIs, Key Performance Indicators
    • Key Behavior Indicators indicative of immediate results
    • Overall reward and recognition along with reflection and learning

KPI Fire can help you clearly communicate and execute your strategy. In order to learn more request a demo now. We’ll learn about your unique business and, as a result, we will provide you with a customized solution to reach your goals quickly.

History of KPI Fire

KPI Fire is a DBA of Complete XRM, inc.
333 North 300 West Salt Lake City, Utah 84103  USA

Complete XRM, inc has been in in business since 2007 and operates additional software products including PlanPlusOnline.com and PocketInformant.com