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Strategic Planning | Project Management | Employee Ideas | KPI Dashboards

Continuous Improvement

  • Organize Improvement Ideas
  • Manage Projects and Tasks
  • Link Projects to Metrics (KPIs)
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Unlimited Teams
  • Unlimited Users
  • Workflow Templates (Lean,6s, 8Ds, more)
  • Track project and program benefits

Strategy Execution

  • Increase Strategy Awareness
  • Assign Owners to Strategic Goals
  • Goal Reviews with History
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Unlimited Teams/Departments/Users
  • Manage Tactical Projects
  • Link to external data sources & documents
  • Role based access

KPI Fire is a market leading provider of Strategy Execution and Continuous Improvement software. KPI Fire pricing is very reasonable and designed to provide significant Return on Investment for almost any sized organization.

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KPI Fire is designed to be easy to setup and use. Your entire team can begin seeing results in minutes, not months. We’re ready to help you get your strategic goals and projects out of spreadsheets and into a collaborative environment where team’s will succeed.
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Idea Management

For your entire team

Opening your KPI Fire account gives everyone in your company access to the system. Team members can enter ideas, prioritize work, and be assigned to project team. One system for your entire business.

Project Management

For project leaders

Determine how many people will be leading projects at any given time. That’s how many licenses you need. Anyone can lead a project and when they’re done that license is available for the next amazing leader to start the next amazing project.

Strategy Planning

For executives and leadership

To manage and track goals for your company, department, or team you’ll need a Strategy Management License. This also enables you to create real time KPI Dashboards, manage value streams and project portfolios in real time.

KPI Dashboards

For every layer of the organization

KPIs like customer and employee satisfaction are just as important as Revenue and Labor Costs. So why not keep track of all your key metrics in real time. KPI Fire Pricing will make it easy to stay on top of your business and make smarter decisions, faster.

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  • Employee Idea and Suggestion Software
  • Project Management Software
  • Metric Dashboarding Software
  • Strategy Execution Software