Continuous Improvement Tutorials

You will find KPI Fire tutorials in the form of instructional videos on this page. These videos are overviews featuring product highlights, serving as how-to videos to jumpstart your projects.

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Strategy Execution Software

This a great place to start your Strategy Execution efforts with KPI Fire. In this overview, you get an idea of how to create a dashboard of KPIs & manage projects to execute your strategic goals more clearly.

Demo for VP of Operations

Discover how KPI Fire helps VPs of Operations, Lean Six Sigma, and Quality teams alike to manage improvement projects & execute strategic goals as a result with this video.

30 Second KPI Overview

One of our best continuous improvement tutorials; this overview of using Key Performance Indicators to make data driven decisions as a consequence is highly recommended.

Manage Continuous Improvement Programs

To leverage your efforts, make it easy to manage your Lean Six Sigma, Operational Excellence or Continuous Improvement program in any situation.

Lean Management Tutorial Videos

KPI Fire was founded by Cedro Toro, a master black belt in addition to a Lean Six Sigma consultant. With this in mind, Cedro found a way to not only reinforce the Lean Six Sigma training that he was providing. He succeeded in coupling the software with Lean Six Sigma methods to enable effective management of a business improvement program within any industry.

Capture Employee Ideas

Use our KPI Software Idea Capture feature for the purpose of capturing ideas from the people closest to the work. This will help you achieve breakthrough results.

Project Management Simplified

To simplify project management, a specific tool can be customized for a specific type of project. This may lead to better results and more successful projects.

Building Your Idea Funnel System

In spite of heavy workloads, learn to generate better ideas and engagement from employees with KPI Fire business improvement software.

Manage your Continuous Improvement Program

Truly learn how easy it is to manage your program with more Continuous Improvement examples.

KPI Fire for Strategy Execution

Undoubtedly, KPI Fire can help you execute your strategic goals and achieve real results.
Check out these continuous improvement tutorial videos for guidance with solid strategy execution.

Hoshin Kanri for Strategic Planning

How Hoshin-Kanri can help you execute your strategy in detail.

Six Keys to Successful Strategy Execution

Clearly define the six keys to success in consistently executing your strategy.

Take the case of KPIs: Lead vs Lag Measures

Clearly identify the differences between Lead & Lag Key Performance Indicators in each situation.

Real Time Strategic Goals

(30 Seconds) A simple visual way to manage strategic goals in order to translate them into projects.

Creating a Balanced Scorecard

To demonstrate this popular strategic planning approach that can be implemented at this time in KPI Fire.

Want more videos?

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