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KPI Fire is committed to helping our clients execute their strategy and achieve breakthrough results. KPI FIre partners share this goal and are a big part of the reason our clients outperform their competitors. KPI Fire partners are thought leaders in their industries. Dedicated consultants who work with their clients to create a culture of excellence.
For our partners KPI Fire offers a unique opportunity to provide their clients with the most powerful and intuitive tool for managing their goals, metrics and projects. Partners share in the success of their clients and grow their own business at the same time. This is truly a win win scenario.

Do you coach companies in Strategic Planning, Strategy Execution, or Continuous Process Improvement? Learn more about becoming a KPI Fire partner.

Chris Arlen is known around the world as the man who can help companies win contracts with other Fortune 500 companies.

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Jay Arthur – CEO of KnowWare
Jay Arthur is the Short Cut to Results with Lean Six Sigma.”- Brittain Ladd
“I teach people how to use Microsoft Excel to eliminate operational delays, defects and deviation.” -Jay Arthur

Jay is the author of Lean Six Sigma Demystified, Lean Six Sigma for Hospitals and the QI Macros for Excel. Take Jay’s no-cost Yellow Belt Training at Jay can be reached at:  888.468.1537  –  (303) 756-9144

Your Culture Alignment & Performance Advantage!

Mediocrity in leadership and your people simply can’t be an option in today’s globally competitive climate.

Coaching Crossroads® is setting the global standard for enterprise operational excellence systems alignment, understanding people, leadership optimization coaching, executive team development, increasing employee engagement and culture transformation in organizations throughout the world today.

For more information contact Jamie at

Richter Consulting Group is a “best practice” transformation, training and coaching provider that facilitates with organisations to improve their strategic business improvement systems and statistical measurement capability utilising Kaizen, Lean and Six Sigma and project management methodologies.

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Ted Iverson works with corporations to develop complete Value Stream Management systems resulting in dramatic cost reductions and improvements to the P&L.
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Mobile Black Belt offers quality apps for your iPhone and iPad. Need a run chart? You’ve got it. Performing a T-test on the shop floor? We’ve got you covered.

Lightining Calculator at helps you improve the effectiveness of your Quality and Lean Six Sigma training.

Get the tools you need at

Systems2win has over 150 professionally developed and supported Word and Excel templates for Value Stream Mapping, 5S, Standard Work, FMEA Design for Quality, and other popular tools for Lean Process Improvement. When you use KPI Fire, your standard workflows can easily link to your Systems2win templates – so that your people always have the right tool at the right time. Learn more at is a European growing and MATCHMAKING PLATFORM that aims for connecting anyone interested in Lean Six Sigma with any expert consultant or agency by providing the most practical, easy to understand, high quality resource available. We connect people from new learners to professional across every industry to work together to achieve our common goals. By promoting the collaboration of people and the sharing of knowldge, we seek to improve the careers and even lives of the foundation of every organization. Contact at:


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