Free Tool kit: How to Build a Continuous Improvement Program

  • Develop & share your Continuous Improvement vision
  • How to create a visual management system
  • Learn to speak the language of Continuous Improvement
  • Get more people thinking about and acting on positive change
  • How to to get engagement from site leaders or general managers for CI/Lean programs.
  • How to make the CI program a strategic priority in your organization.

Why would you want a Successful Continuous Improvement Program?

  • Change is the only constant. Companies who can execute on good ideas will be able to adapt in the challenging times ahead.
  • Improvement programs help develop leaders & leadership. Your company NEEDs more leaders at every level.
  • Operational Excellence requires continuous improvement.
  • Your employees WANT to help. You NEED to harness their creative energy and their passion to make progress.
  • Improvement programs can generate REAL bottom line savings and contribution margin.

Companies with successful Continuous Improvement programs can stay ahead of market changes and can accomplish virtually any objective they set a plan toward. These dominant companies  can lead their industries in financial performance, customer satisfaction, product quality, and employee engagement.

Included in this free Toolkit:

  • Continuous Improvement Vision PPT
  • Agenda for Daily Huddle
  • Examples of Huddle boards
  • Lean Toolkit Templates
  • How often to meet with your team about goals
  • A simple way to increase accountability without micromanaging.

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