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Welcome to KPI Fire

The only intuitive solution that aligns all three critical elements of success


Get Instant Visibility to Your Business

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Create a dashboard of strategic goals

Capture and reward everyone’s best ideas

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Manage teams with a fast, simple interface

Ready to use on any device, no download

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Rather than overwhelm you with features and complexity, KPI Fire makes managing your business fast and easy.

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We are confident that once you see a demo and how KPI Fire can benefit your company you will choose our enterprise deployment software. Our software is loaded with features that will be valuable to any business. KPI Fire works in conjunction with other strategies a company may have in place. It will be a valuable tool that will help you reach your objectives and operate at a higher level.

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KPI Fire took my client’s annual objectives out of spreadsheets and into a collaborative tool their whole team can use.

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Cascade your high-level strategic goals into clear, specific projects and key metrics across any size organization, even a global one like Yahoo!

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You’re in Good Company!

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Eliminate spreadsheets and collaborate effectively with your team in real-time.  Then demonstrate to management the benefits of your continuous improvement projects.

Operational efficiency can reach a new level with KPI Fire. Our robust platform takes on multiple business tasks that would otherwise require four different software solutions. KPI Fire is a powerful tool that allows teams to capture team member’s ideas and collaborate on relevant projects. Management can approve tasks and see the impact each project has on their key performance indicators.

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Capture all of your employee’s improvement ideas and engage your workforce in solving problems, just like Red Dot Corp.

Our Commitment

We are confident that you will find KPI Fire a valuable member of your company. Our software is unique, we offer an improved solution or starting lean tool. We specifically created a user-friendly interface that everyone will love. Our solution is simple and easy to use.

We recognize that analysis and goal adjustment is one of the most used and necessary features. Analyzing and adjusting goals will be much easier to manage with KPI Fire. If your goals and analysis require adjustments at the end, no problem we make it easy for you to adjust or edit the finished product.

If you’re committed to more strategic planning, we can help. KPI Fire software will become a trusted partner by executives and operational members of your company.

For more information on how our software can help you, please give us a call. Our representitives are standing by to answer your questions and provide you with all the information you need in order to make the best decision on which KPI software is best for you and your company.