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Here’s how KPI Fire works for your organization…

Identify and communicate your strategy goals/initiatives for everyone in your organization to see with KPI Fire software.

how KPI Fire works

KPI Fire Goals Dashboard

A KPI Fire Goals Dashboard can be a powerful tool for tracking progress and driving results. Here are some ideas for what you might include:

Overall goals:

A high-level overview of your most important goals, such as increasing revenue, improving customer satisfaction, or reducing costs. You can use gauges or charts to show progress towards these goals.

Individual KPIs:

A breakdown of the specific KPIs that you are tracking for each goal. This could include things like website traffic, conversion rates, lead generation, or customer churn. You can use bar graphs, line graphs, or tables to display this data.

Trends and insights:

Visualizations of how your KPIs are changing over time. This can help you identify trends and patterns that you can use to make informed decisions. You can use line graphs, scatter plots, or heat maps to show trends.

Action items:

A list of specific actions that you can take to improve your performance on each KPI. This will help you stay on track and make sure that you are making progress towards your goals.

KPI Fire Idea Generator
KPI Fire Idea Generator

Give Your Team a Voice

Employees enter ideas that will improve the company. Then those Ideas are prioritized and turned into projects…
Everyone can submit process improvement ideas with a single click.

Align Ideas to Goals

Get your team excited about real projects that are directly tied to their goals. KPI Fire helps you prioritize your projects around work smarter. With clear alignment to company goals and metrics, employees feel empowered and engaged.

how KPI Fire works

KPI Fire Software Idea Funnel

A fiery funnel feeding your KPI dashboard with fresh, high-impact ideas to boost performance.

That’s the vision behind the KPI Fire Idea Funnel, a system designed to spark creativity, capture valuable insights, and translate them into actionable steps.

The KPI Fire Idea Funnel is not just a software, it’s a
catalyst for change. It’s about empowering your team to think creatively, solve problems, and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

By igniting the flames of innovation, you can watch your KPIs soar and achieve results that set your organization ablaze with success.
how KPI Fire works

Project Tile View with Health and Days Remaining

This can be a valuable tool for project managers and team members to keep track of progress and identify potential issues.

Simple Project Management

  • Increase sponsor engagement
  • Special tools for tracking project impact and financial benefit
  • Includes common workflow templates (DMAIC, Kaizen, PDCA, and more)

Make KPIs Visible in KPI Fire

Making your KPIs visible in KPI Fire is all about clear visuals and effective communication.

strategy execution

How KPI Fire Works: Business Case Templates


KPI Fire is a tool to help you collaborate as a team and standardize your workflows so you can close more projects and get more done. It also tracks your savings and goals so you can prove the value you bring to your company.

With KPI Fire, both visualizing and executing your strategy is easy. Your team and your boss will thank you.

Crafting a compelling business case can feel like navigating a stormy sea. But fear not, intrepid captains! KPI Fire offers a life raft of pre-built templates designed to ignite your proposals and set your sails for smooth sailing.

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