How to Prioritize Projects

Free Project Prioritization Framework

  • Improve project selection
  • Simplify your evaluation criteria
  • Learn the difference between effort and impact
  • Create a prioritized list of projects

One of the hardest jobs  a manager of resources must do is choosing what to do when resources are limited. This approach makes it easier.

 “The job of the leader is to say YES to the few, and WAIT to the many.” – Gwendolyn Galsworth

How to Prioritize Projects

  • Treat everything like a project.
  • Make a list of all potential projects
  • Rate each project 1-5 for expected Effort.
  • Rate each project 1-5 for expected Impact.
  • Your highest priority projects should be the projects in the top right of the matrix.
  • Lower priority projects will be in lower left corner.
  • You may be able to reduce the effort of a single project by breaking it down

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If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”  -Maya Angelou

Tools and Concepts in this book:

  • Change is good mindset
  • CTQ Tree
  • The Perspective Pie
  • The 8 Wastes
  • Bring Solutions not problems
  • Root Cause analysis
  • 5S System
  • Project Management habits

Lead from Any Seat – by Andrei Anca

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