KBI Fire Key Behavioral Indicator Software

KBI Fire Key Behavioral Indicator Software is the behavioral side of KPI Fire Strategy Execution Software. KBI Fire helps organizations set goals for their employees and track their key behaviors, the behavioral indicators that are direcly related to their p[erformance. Evidence shows that KBIs can be correlated not only with a Leader’s success but the success of their team.

With KBI Fire organizations can determine what behavioral indicators are most important to the success of their organization. For non profits establisching goals and measuring KBI ‘s such as “Leading from the front” or “Courage” and “Decisive Decision Maker” can lead to coaching and development plans for individuals and better execution overall. KBI Fire makes this process easy and visual. Understanding your team’s Key Behavioral Indicators may be the next step in your journey toward operational excellence.

KBI Fire Services

The KBI Fire portion of KPI Fire is a performance management tool that helps companies set goals and track the progress individuals and teams make toward those goals with respect to key behavioral indicators.

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