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KPI Fire is proud to announce KPI Fire Strategy Execution Software!

KPI Fire announced the release of their innovative Strategy Execution Software today. KPI Fire’s flagship product helps companies execute their strategic plan by visually linking their people and projects to their metrics and goals.

“We are excited to bring the simplicity and power of KPI Fire to companies striving to achieve Operational Excellence,” said Cedro Toro, CEO of KPI Fire. “Executives are looking for new ways to make their strategic plan operational. Using spreadsheets to track metrics and goals in a global organization just doesn’t work. Now they have the ability to help their team both understand and implement the strategy in a collaborative way.”

Cedro Toro came up with the idea for KPI Fire after working as a Lean Six Sigma and Organizational Design consultant. He said the biggest problem he saw in industry was the gap between the executive team’s vision for the company and what the rest of the organization was focused on. Finding a solution to this problem became a passion that he spent several years developing.

Cedro explained, “There needs to be a very simple, visual way for each person in an organization to see how the projects they are working on connect to their objectives and KPIs (key performance indicators). Without that connection companies are flying blind.”  

KPI Fire was founded 2014. Select customers were given access to test KPI Fire’s beta version. “The feedback we received was incredible,” Cedro explained. “Every leader we spoke with said that this was going to make their team infinitely more effective. They loved how easy it was to visualize their goals.” In November of 2014 KPI Fire received a round of seed funding from Peak Ventures to develop new features and begin marketing the application. KPI Fire has since grown at a rapid pace with customers like Yahoo!, Plexus, and Washburn University.

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KPI Fire is cloud based Strategy Execution Software that helps companies communicate and execute their strategic plan across a global organization. KPI Fire makes the connection between projects, metrics, and goals visible so everyone in the company is aligned and working together toward a common objective. KPI Fire is trusted by world class companies like Yahoo!, Consumer Reports, Plexus, and Steiner Electric. To learn more visit

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