Lean Six Sigma Project Management Software

KPI Fire is a complete, all-in-one software to manage your Lean Six Sigma program. Our platform isn’t just about removing operational and organizational waste; it will enable you to set focal points and align your team’s efforts around common goals.

As a strategic planning software, KPI Fire comes with all the features to help you achieve your objectives. It’s also easy to integrate into your team’s daily standard work. No more long hours creating spreadsheets; determining the starting points and the expected conclusion should be fast and easy. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for everyone to provide their input, ensuring that every contribution counts and plays a role in reaching the collective goal.

Lean in the Real Sense

We created KPI Fire to help business owners and managers become better and more efficient at making key decisions that will impact their business. Our goal is to eliminate waste that prevents structural improvements, a core aspect of all lean project management software. Wherever efficiency starts, whether from the top, bottom, or middle, it will spread across the company.

Most importantly, your entire team can make a difference. Visibility is important across all platforms, so that everyone involved can collaborate. All work done will go toward completing the goal, and management will be a breeze.

Step by Step Creation, Better Sight of Goals

KPI Fire makes it easy to delegate tasks within every department. With the features available through KPI Fire, you can link every strategy with a goal. All of your team’s time will be spent on accomplishing the goals and the work that actually makes a difference instead of uneccessary task.

Our software is perfect for providing a step-by-step process that can be followed by employees. We’ve included tools that allow everyone to express their ideas. With more input, your company will have greater success managing important projects.

To find out how our Lean Six Sigma software, can help you and your business please call us. We have representatives standing by to answer any questions you may have and to setup a free demo of KPI Fire software.