Project and KPI Management for Mining

Simplify Managing Projects and KPIs at all Mine Sites

KPI Fire makes viewing your KPIs easy so can make real-time decisions, even if you can’t be at every location at once. Teams can collaborate on projects and communicate with the corporate offices. With KPI Fire everything from continuous improvement to weekly performance metrics is in one place.

Trusted by Global Mining Companies

KPI Fire is trusted by industry leaders in North America, Africa, Australia, and around the world to manage critical projects and KPIs. With KPI Fire mining executives can keep track of the work being performed at each location and the metrics that matter most on a daily basis.

Accelerate Your Lean and Six Sigma Projects

Mining companies are using continuous process improvement methods like Lean and Six Sigma to improve operating efficiencies. KPI Fire gives your team standard workflows like DMAIC and PDCA so you can accelerate continuous improvement projects and get better results.

Real Time KPIs Leads to Better Management

KPI Fire’s easy to use dashboards show you which KPIs are red, yellow, or green so you can focus on the areas of your business that need improvement. You can also see which projects are on track and the impact they will have on your KPIs. It’s more than Project Management or KPI Dashboards, its a comprehensive system to manage your mining operations.

If you are a mining executive and want to dramatically improve your business this year, call us. We can show you how other mining companies just like yours are getting real time visibility to their KPIs and better business performance.