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Project Management Software… Simplified


Too basic. The team can’t collaborate and has little visibility to what’s going on.

Project Management Software?

Way too complicated and time consuming which is why no one every uses it.

KPI Fire

Only the features you need. All projects are visible on your PC or Mobile. Projects are linked to Goals and Metrics. It’s that simple!

Keeping track of your continuous improvement and strategic projects should be easy, simple, dare we say fun? KPI Fire makes managing business improvement projects easy. You can create standard workflows for projects you do on a regular basis like Lean Six Sigma projects. Or create a custom task list for your new employee on-boarding process. Our intuitive task manager helps your team track their progress, collaborate then get back to their value added work. KPI Fire’s intuitive interface helps you:

Capture Improvement and Project Ideas
Standardize Project Workflows
Receive Project Notifications
Link Projects to Metrics
Link Projects to Goals
Track Project Health
Measure Bottom Line Results

KPI Fire gives teams and leadership visibility to how their projects are progressing. They get alerts to know what tasks are coming up next. And when the project is over they can see the impact they had on the organization. So if you’re using a complicated project management software and are frustrated with the amount of time it takes to keep everything working check out KPI Fire.  It might just give you a few hours of your life back to do more value added work! 

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