KPI Fire Lean Six Sigma Software helps you capture ideas, track projects and show results all in one place.

Capture Ideas – Manage improvement ideas and turn them into Kaizen events or DMAIC projects.

Track Projects – Get real time status updates on all your Process Improvement projects.

Show Results – Display cost savings and impact to other Key Performance Indicators for all of your projects.

What does the a day in the life of a Lean Six Sigma leader looks like with KPI Fire? Click here to find out.

KPI Fire makes managing your Lean Six Sigma program easy and visible. You’ll spend less time tracking down progress reports and more time showing off the impact your team is having on the company.

KPI Fire is trusted by great companies like yours.

Find out why KPI Fire is trusted by world class Lean leaders in healthcare, manufacturing, mining, IT,  and other industries on 5 continents.

Can you show the impact you have on key metrics… like the bottom line? If not then KPI Fire can help! KPI Fire makes it easy for everyone in the organization to see project metrics like Total Hard and Soft Savings and Project Completion Rates. With KPI FIre you can also show the impact you’re having on the metrics management really cares about.

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