Add Custom Fields to Project List View

Display additional information in the Project List view with custom text tiles from project charters.

Use Cases: 

  • Cross platform linking- show Project ID # from other application in KPI Fire

1. Workflow Details: Add New Tile

  • Open the workflow charter tab, add a new tile

2. New Text Tile

  • In the Create New Tile modal, select “text tile”
  • Only text tiles created in the workflow charter can be set to display in the Project List view

3. Name New Tile & Set Flag

  • Rename the custom tile, this name will be used as the column header for the custom field
    • Tip: Use the same tile name across multiple workflows to display custom field content in the same column (must repeat process and set flag of custom tile within each workflow).
  • Select the flag icon in the tile header to display the custom field in the Project List view
  • To remove the custom field from the column options, unselect the flag

4. Apply Workflow to Project

  • New Project: Create new project with the custom tile workflow
  • Existing Project: merge/replace the workflow charter
  • In the project charter, add content to the custom field

5. Project List View: Edit Columns

  • In the Project List View select from the Actions dropdown menu, Edit Columns
  • Select the custom field in the list options

6. View Custom Field in Project List View

  • The custom field is now visible in the table