Release 183 B–August 24, 2019

  • Project Charter: New Option to Add Team Member Tile to project charter tab.
  • Dashboard Tiles: Text Tile, fix issue with line break.
  • Project Benefits: Bowling view- show column for actual and target
  • Creating an account will no longer auto-generate an empty project
  • UI changes for better user experience
  • Category Filter has been fixed in Project List View
  • Text Filters are fixed
  • Days Remaining on a project now displays the correct #.
  • Team Members are listed in order of seniority
  • Fixed sub task bug


Release 183 A- August 1, 2019

In this release we have:

  • Secure API access for users on our multi-tenant servers. Now everyone can push data to their KPI Fire metrics without upgrading. The instructions are built into the app.

KPI Fire API button in metrics

API Info to make calls in KPI Fire

  • Simplification of Zapier date import to metrics
    • Use mm/dd/yy or mm/dd/yyyy
  • Import all data columns to a metric
    • Begin Green Zone, Begin Yellow Zone, Begin Red Zone

KPI Fire metric import template

  • Improved Project import
  • Improved Project task import
  • Print X Matrix in color
  • Grid View and X Matrix show goals in other departments that are part of the goal hierarchy or tree