DMAIC Process / DMAIC Software

DMAIC is an acronym of the five improvement steps: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control

DMAIC is frequently used by as part of Six Sigma, Lean, or Continuous Improvement efforts. If you are looking for a very robust approach to problem solving, DMAIC may be your solution.

Are you looking for DMAIC process software to manage your DMAIC process or DMAIC workflow?

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D) Define

  • Define the Problem or Opportunity
  • Select a Project Leader
  • Select Team Members including Subject Matter Experts
  • Establish a SMART Goal
  • Link to a KPI
  • VOC – Identify Stakeholders and perform Stakeholder Analysis.  (See Attached Stakeholder Analysis Tool)
  • Review the Project Charter and Team with the Project Sponsor
  • Scope the Project – Use a High Level Process Map to define where the process begins and ends. (See Attached SIPOC Tool)


M)  Measure

  • Take Before Pictures!
  • Create a Measurement Plan (See Attached Measurement Plan Tool)
  • Validate the Measurement System using Gage R&R
  • Walk the Process (See Attached Data Collection Form)
  • Create a Current State Process Map or Value Stream Map ISee Attached Value Stream Map Tool)


A) Analyse

  • Create a List of Waste, Sources of Variation and Overburdening (See Attached Template)
  • Perform Root Cause Analysis (See Attached Fishbone, 5 Whys, RCA Tools)
  • Create a Hypothesis or theory for Input to Output Relationships, Y=f(x1, x2, …xn).
  • Clarify the Gap Between Current and Desired Performance


I) Improve

  • Brainstorm Possible Improvements
  • Create an Improvement Plan
  • Implement the Process Improvements
  • Implement Mistake Proofing Devices
  • Validate the Changes have had the Desired Effect

C) Control

  • Take After Pictures!
  • Update Process Documentation
  • Train Operators and Leadership to the New Process
  • Validate the Process using Control Charts and Key Metrics
  • Establish Leadership Standard Work to Follow Up with the Operators
  • Document Project Savings
  • Create a Project Report Out if Required by Management (See Attached Template)
  • Report Out to Project Sponsor and Leadership
  • Reward and Recognize the Team
  • Share Best Practices with the Entire Organization


KPI Fire includes these DMAIC templates.  You can use ours or customize your own version.

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