How to Add User Certifications

Maximize your workforce potential by staying informed and up-to-date with user certifications.

Steps to Adding User Certifications:

1. Add Certification Levels for the Company

  • Navigate to Settings > Users > Certification Level tab
  • Add new certification levels by entering in the level name and pressing the add button.
  • Edit the name, add suppliers, and add trainers in the levels table.
  • Delete certification levels using the last column of the certification table.

2. Add a User Certification

  • Navigate to the Current Users tab in the User Settings area.
  • Option 1: Click on a user’s name to expand the Edit User Profile modal.
    • Select “+ Add Certification Level” in the Highest Certification Level field.
  • Option 2: Hover over the “…” in the far-right Actions column.
    • Select “+ Add Certification Level”.

3. Fill User Certification Information

  • Select a certification name, status, and date.
  • Fill in additional optional fields.
  • Press Add.

4. Edit User Certifications

  • You can change certification status, date, and optional fields.
  • Press Update.

5. View User Certification Level

  • Once a certification has been added to a user, the highest certification level will display in the Current Users table in the Certification Level column.
  • To edit the certification level displayed, click on the user and expand the edit info modal in order to reselect the highest certification level.

6. Create a User Certification Report

  • Reports > User Certification List View
  • Use the Actions dropdown to edit the columns, import, or export data displayed in the table.