Product Enhancements – Release Notes April 2024

We are happy to announce some new enhancements & fixes:
(Last Release – April 13, 2024)

Note: if you don’t see the same thing in your account, try clearing your cache/cookies or use a “new private window” to refresh the cache.


  • UI Enhancement: “Linked Projects” now displays counts for each project group and features collapsible/uncollapsible sections in both the goal and metric pop-ups.
  • Enhancement: Updated new task modal in Metrics to display selected project and group, and added ability to create a new project from the modal.
  • Enhancement: Users can now enable and edit parent metric’s target settings when selecting sum or average of sub metrics mode in the metric modal within metrics.
  • Enhancement: Expanded Metric Calculations with additional options beyond ratio, including multiplication, subtraction, and addition.
  • Enhancement: Submetrics linked for sum of sub metrics, average of sub metrics, or data calculation methods are now displayed beneath the data table in metric Data.
  • UI Enhancement: Labels for all info popups such as Title, Owner, and Category are now bolded for improved visibility.

Metric Bowling

  • NEW feature: Added grouping by input frequency option to Metric Bowling chart.
  • NEW feature: Introducing a sorting dropdown feature in Metric Bowling View for both ‘A to Z’ and ‘Z to A’ sorting options.
  •  Enhancement: Bowling View on mobile screens now displays only the most recent updated and total columns for streamlined usability.
  • Enhancement: Enabled editability of pareto and notes by metric editors in parent metrics for consistent access.



  • Enhancement: Added “Add New Team Member” option in project task assignment user list, directing users to the team tab.
  • Enhancement: Added functionality on task page to filter by clicking on tags and included an “x” to remove tags directly from the task UI without opening the tag modal.
  • Enhancement: Added filter by task status functionality on the tasks page.
  • NEW feature : Added mention functionality in notes within task edit pop-ups.
  • Enhancement: Users with “edit own” rights can now only modify their own tasks’ dates in the task timeline.

Project Benefits

  • UI Enhancement: Moved “Export” functionality to the Action button in Project Benefits.

Goal X Matrix/Custom X Matrix

  • Enhancement: Added new configuration options in X-Matrix for displaying “Goal/Project % Complete” and “Project Schedule Icon”.
Saved Views & Huddleboards
  • Executives users can update huddle boards, including adding or updating team members.



  • Restricted Executive/Strategy users from importing users; they can now only export.
  • No access users in the user list now display as “active” instead of “invited” status.


  • Enhancement: Added Primary Owner display to the Department page.

General Settings

  • Enhancement: Added two new currencies for Malaysian Ringgit and Australian Dollar.


  • Enhancement: Added option to enable or disable daily update email notifications for all users in the organization.

Custom field

  • Enhancement: Added custom field for sortable number values, available as a custom field type.

General Updates/ Bug Fixes

  • Implemented functionality to ensure users who unsubscribe from our emails no longer receive any email communications.
  • Team Member License users can view huddle boards and saved views in the waffle menu.
  • Resolved inconsistency in color display for “Middle is Best” and “Weekly” metrics; now consistent across views.
  • Health icon displays correctly on all tabs within the Idea Funnel.
  • PB budget/benefit reports default to using the company currency instead of only USD as the base currency.
  • Resolved decimal rounding error in the weekly bowling view, now displays input correctly.

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