Product Enhancements – Release Notes January 2024

We are happy to announce some new enhancements & fixes:
(Last Release – January 28, 2024)

Note: if you don’t see the same thing in your account, try clearing your cache/cookies or use a “new private window” to refresh the cache.

Main Navigation

  • UI Enhancement: Main Nav icons feature new colors, and search has been relocated to the right side alongside other utility options.



  • NEW feature: Introducing an “Copy Metric Link” for easily obtaining a direct link to specific metric detail pages.

Metric Bowling View

  • Enhancement: Added ‘No Category’ group to Metric Bowling view for metrics without assigned categories.

Metrics Setup

  • NEW feature : Added “filter by department” option on metrics setup page.
  • UI Enhancement : Moved external icon to display with metric title on hover for improved accessibility.
  • Enhancement:Removed bullet points from non sub-metric metrics in the Metrics Setup.


  • UI Enhancement : Now, when creating a new goal, the view will automatically open the goal modal upon successful creation.

Goal Xmatrix

  • NEW feature: Upgraded Xmatrix to a tree view for enhanced clarity, now displaying department-wise matrixes and showcasing the number of goals within each department on the Xmatrix.

Help Tip

  • Introducing help tip URL integration in X Matrix for enhanced user guidance.

Action Button

  • NEW feature: Updated Xmatrix action button: Removed Import/Export; added Print option.

Display Option

  • UI Enhancement: Added configure button in “Display Option” for all the X Matrixes views (Bowling & Portfolio Timeline).

Display Option

  • UI Enhancement: Updated xmatric configure window.


  • NEW feature: Goal Export includes the option to export Goal spans with selectable start and end years.


  • Importing goals correctly importing start and end years.

Project Budget & Benefit Report

  • NEW feature: Introducing filter by tag functionality in Project Budget & Benefit Report for enhanced project tracking and customization.


Project List View

  • NEW feature: Added “Open in new window” option with a mouseover icon on Project List view and Benefit Exception Report.


  • NEW feature: Introducing task logs to capture and record comprehensive task history for enhanced visibility and troubleshooting.

Charter Tab

  • Enhancement: Disabled the ability for any user to mark a task with another user’s approval as done from the Charter Tile.

My Projects

  • Enhancement: My Projects view will default to displaying the most recently opened project for a personalized user experience.

Project Summary Report

  • UI Enhancement: Added blue filter text for selected chart pieces, enhancing visibility alongside the title.

Xmatrix Huddleboard

Xmatrix Hudddleboard

  • Enhancement: Action Button now includes a “Print” option.

Custom Huddleboard

Text Tiles

  • Enhancement: Added ‘Copy Link’ option for hyperlinked texts on text tiles.


Task Advanced Search

  • NEW feature: Introducing”Advanced Search” enhancements with new options for searching by Created Date, Last Updated Date, and Created by user.
  • Enhancement:Task “Advanced Search”  includes additional date selection options such as ‘Between’, ‘Last Seven Days’ and ‘Yesterday’ .
  • Enhancement: Improved partial search for enhanced search results.



  • Enhancement: Inactive users are now correctly hidden across the app, and if previously added to a team, their status is displayed as ‘Inactive.

Company Audit Logs

  • Enhancement: Added functionality to log signup user activities in the company audit log table.

General Updates/ Bug Fixes

  • Project benefit notes are visible on the Project Benefit tab within projects.
  • Copying a workflow now correctly saves the description in the new workflow.
  • Added metric tree view on reports page.
  • ‘Edit’ button on Metric chart in project Charter now functions as expected.
  • “View-only licence” users can no longer make unauthorized changes, ensuring proper access restrictions are maintained.
  • Restricted “No-Access” users  to login.
  • Long notes in the Message tab of projects no longer get cut off.
  • View-Only License no longer able to update metric data from metric bowling view when not part of the metric team.
  •  Restricted view only licencse to update unauthorised tasks and goal/project/metric.
  • Owners/Editors/Viewers of goals are now properly visible on the Goal X Matrix.
  • Enhanced Project Status Reports content now displays fully, and cell height adapts more effectively.
  • Custom xmatrix now correctly follows category sequence configured in Admin settings.
  • Detail pop-up will accurately display Owner/Leader name on hover.
  • Group by Category filter will work correctly with Metric input frequency on metric bowling view.
  • Hourly metric data entered on a previous date no longer auto-transfers to the current date.
  • Departments re-order drag/drop functionality is now working as expected.
  • Project progress now updates correctly when adding approval to a task with ‘Done’ status.