Product Updates

We are happy to announce some new enhancements & fixes:
(Last Release Nov 26, 2022)

Note: if you don’t see the same thing in your account, try clearing your cache/cookies or use a “new private window” to refresh the cache.

New Features

Goals:  Added new feature “Admin Lock”.  To restrict the editing of Goals.  Only Admin user can lock/unlock

  • Goals

    • Select the goal
      • Select the Team tab
      • Lock/unlock for editing
Goal Lock Feature

Ability to view Ideas by Month

  • Idea Funnel

    • Select “Rejected Ideas” or “Total Ideas”

Improved Features

  • Improvement to Project Benefit Budget report for showing forecast
  • Project Budget Report: improved performance when multiple benefit accounts are selected
  • Improve download performance
  • No-access user can now have email address attribute
  • Updated Spanish translation
  • Project List view: add Project Benefit Forecast value as column option in Edit columns to show
  • Project Charter: if name is removed, the original tile name will be restored
  • Project Log file: Add approval history to project log file
  • Project Export: Add separate column for text.notes vs html notes
  • Project Benefit Budget Report: Actual values will show red/green vs budget
  • Project Benefit Budget Report: hide target line on chart by default

Updates/Bug Fixes

  • Huddleboards: Added new API for updating a Text Tile..
  • Fix issue affecting clone project feature
  • Fix issue on project benefit csv export
  • User Invites: Inviting user can now add message to invited users for imported users
  • Project Tasks: Fixed issue on Drag/Drop task to sub-task
  • Fixed issue affecting some user notifications
  • Fix bug with skip weekend feature in timeline view
  • Improve performance of Full Export
  • Metric: Data Input Method: Sum Project Benefit now supports all modes
  • Fix issue: Changing name on Huddleboard not showing in waffle menu until page is reloaded.
  • Fix issue: xMatrix relationships showing strong vs weak
  • New option to show by “any due date” on Huddleboards Project Task widget
  • Error message if not data is found on the Huddleboard Project Benefit Account
  • Metric Bowling View:  Small improvements to alignment
  • Fixed issue affecting count of boards for admin users for Huddleboards
  • Added print option for Balanced Scorecard
  • Updated Spanish translation values
  • Metric Bowling view: add category color in small square.
  • Project Benefit Account tiles on Huddleboard: fix issue with red/green colors when only the Actual budget option is selected.
  • Project Benefit Report: Add sidebar back in.
  • Metric Data Tab: added size control to increase height/width of pop up box.