Setting Up the Project Charter

Manage permissions, edit header info, create a meaningful charter page-

Make your project successful.

Areas of the Project:

  1. Project Header
  2. Actions
  3. Charter Fields

***Ability to edit varies based on user’s License Type and Project Role***

1. Project Header

  • Header information is useful for identifying top-level project attributes.
    • Title, Team Leader, Department, Category, Workflow, Status, and Project ID
  • Projects can be marked as favorites and then view in the My Projects side menu.
  • Project Leaders have the responsibility of updating project Health and % Complete.

2. Actions

  • Action options will vary based on the User’s License Type
  • New Tile will be placed in the Charter as a blank field for either Text, Team Member, or Photo input.

3. Charter Fields

Problem / Opportunity Statement:
Why is the project being performed?

Goal Statement:
Definition of success.

Defined how you will know that the project is successful. Make it SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time Limited.

Defined boundary for the project.

Scope creep would be reason to do a project review and decide what should continue as part of the current project & what becomes a new project.

Financial success of the project.

A quantifiable way to measure success of the project. Use hard savings, soft savings, project costs, total benefit, ROI, payback period, sales improvement, EBITDA, etc.

How important is it that this project get done right now?

  • Effort: Low to High
  • Impact: Low to High
  • Priority: Very Low to Very High

Timeline for Workflow:
When will action take place for this project?

Team and Team Member Roles:
Who is working on the project & what are their responsibilities?

Start and End Date of Project / Start and End Date for individual tasks

Linked Projects/Metrics/ Goals:
What other projects are codependent for completion? Which metrics are tracking project data? Which goals are relevant to this project?