The following fixes & features are scheduled for release May 21, 2018

  • Filter Improvements for Department and user filter
  • Metric Import check for duplicate includes Department AND Metric name.
  • Metric Import will append single row update.
  • Link goal/metric/project from metric detail screen
  • Passwords now allow more variety in special characters: ( ^&*()_-+=~`<,>./?{}[];:'”)
  • Charter tab: fixed issue where linked goals/metrics were not showing due to filter.

Upcoming Releases (Coming Soon):
We are working on these features for upcoming release

  • More configurable layouts for Metric dashboards.
  • Metrics & Sub-metrics drill down: We will now display the primary metric & sub metrics on the metric Detail Screen. Sub metrics have  colored circle to indicate their status. The sub metrics are clickable for a drill down effect.
  • Metric Alerts: Check the box on the Team Tab and if your metric value is either red or yellow an email alert will be sent.
  • Report showing metrics in need of update.
  • Rich text formatting (markdown) in Task notes
  • Rich text formatting in Project Charter
  • Kanban view within Projects
  • Kanban view for Personal Page