KPI Fire Release Notes 167 & 168:  

  • Improved date selector use case from moving start date past the due date. It will now reset the due date.
  • Project Timeline view drag & drop now follows task dependency relationships on drag/drop
  • Fixed issue affecting some user on saving/editing views. Saved views are editable by the creator & admin.

Release Notes 168 

  • Project Benefits: New bowling style view for easier entry of Project Benefits data.
  • X-Matrix View for Goals.  (see dedicated blog post about x-matrix herex matrix hoshin kanri
  • Changes to Goal Detail Tile
    • Adding Goal Health (manual input field by Goal Owner)
    • Adding Goal Progress (manual input field by Goal Owner)
    • Display multiple metrics in one view.

Release date for 167: Dec 23, 2017

Release date for 168:  Jan 6, 2018