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Hoshin Kanri Planning with KPI Fire Software

The simplest explanation I can give to explain the Hoshin Kanri Planning concept is:

Hoshin Kanri = Cascaded Goals or Objectives.

KPI Fire is a Strategy Execution Software that blends with the strategic planning element of cascading goals (Hoshin Kanri Planning.)

KPI Fire is a powerful project management tool. You can create a detailed KPI dashboard with red, yellow, and green stoplights to track all of your key metrics (KPIs). We’ve also made it easy to involve your team in your strategy by giving employees a way to submit improvement ideas, track their savings, and more.

If you have been using a spreadsheet and X Matrix for your Hoshin Plan,
it’s time to upgrade to KPI Fire.
KPI Fire is the software you use to execute the Hoshin Plan

The Hoshin Kanri planning strategy is built upon the concept of managing change, movement, policies, projects, etc.

KPI Fire was built to align executives, middle management, and team members around company goals.

The key is defining what goals are most important to the company. Then cascading those goals down to all employees so that everyone is working towards accomplishing those goals; and everyone is making a real difference.

Once these goals have been established, leaders can easily see how their departments are progressing toward their strategic objectives. This also gives them an idea of where they need to make improvements. Team members and operators can track process performance measurements in real time. This enables them to make adjustments on the fly and submit improvement ideas to their team’s Idea Funnel in KPI Fire.

Manufacturing, healthcare, and service industries alike have chosen KPI Fire as their all-in-one strategy deployment software solution for one reason, it will have a positive impact on your business. KPI Fire is the only software designed to take your strategy from concept to execution and focus your team like never before.

New to Hoshin Kanri? Learn HOW to execute Hoshin Kanri Planning by reading about the 6 steps of Hoshin Kanri here:

Hoshin Kanri Steps

If you are in the market for a Hoshin Kanri or Strategic Planning software solution, take a closer look at KPI Fire. We can setup a quick demo for your team and get you up and running in just a few minutes.


Why choose KPI Fire as your Hoshin Kanri or Strategic Planning partner?

At KPI Fire Hoshin Kanri is part of our DNA. We have helped with clients develop and execute their strategy in almost every industry from Healthcare to Manufacturing, from Hotels to Mining. Our flexible Hoshin Kanri training and coaching is customized to fit your unique needs. Whether you need a 1 day Hoshin Kanri overview for your management team or want to engage in a start to finish strategy execution plan, our team will work with you to achieve your goals and get measurable results.

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