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KPI Fire is the number 1 Lean Six Sigma Project Management Software, and for good reason!

Only KPI Fire makes your role as Lean Coach, Six Sigma Black Belt, or VP of Operational Excellence simple, easy, and effective.

You know that Lean Six Sigma is focused on,

*Eliminating Waste

*Reducing Variation

*Not Overburdening Employees

Your Lean Six Sigma Project Management Software should help you accomplish these objectives while making it easy to collaborate as a team and standardize your work. Managing Lean Six Sigma projects and teams should be fast and easy, not a 4 hour chore in spreadsheets! Management should have real time visibility to metrics and project reports from their mobile devices, not a static report that comes out once a month.

KPI Fire helps you Visually Manage your Lean Six Sigma Projects and Program

Here’s how…

Start with Strategy

strategy execution

Establish clear “Line of Sight Goals” for each department and team.  KPI Fire is a complete Hoshin Kanri – Strategic Planning tool.

Lean Six Sigma Projects should always be linked to a strategic goal.

Engage Your Team

Next capture Lean Six Sigma Project Ideas by going on Gemba Walks or evaluating your Value Stream Map.

Enter the ideas in KPI Fire and select the best ideas to become Kaizen events.

Manage Projects

One of the most used features of KPI Fire is the Project Management. Each Project has an access controlled configurable charter and can be based on one of our Lean workflow templates or one that you create. Now your team can collaborate on continuous improvement projects using standard workflows like DMAIC, PDCA, and Kaizen. Project updates happen in real time and you can see the linkage between each project and the company’s goals and metrics.

Get Results

Track Project Benefits

KPI Fire gives you instant visibility to your KPIs. Each department and team has their own dashboard with red, yellow, green indicators that clearly show if you are on track. If a KPI goes red you can start a Lean Six Sigma project or Kaizen with the click of a button.

If you’re still using spreadsheets to manage your Lean Six Sigma Projects and Program it’s time you experienced the difference KPI Fire can make.

  • Better Team Collaboration
  • Save Time Tracking Projects
  • Standardized Workflows like DMAIC and PDCA
  • Real Time KPI Tracking
  • Real Time Project Metrics
  • Strategic Alignment to Company Goals

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