• Flexible Project – Project Leaders have a button on the Team Member tab of their project that allows any team member to edit or assign themselves a task. This is handy for development teams where team members want to pull tasks from a backlog as they complete other tasks. All projects are Flexible by default when created.
  • Project Champion – A new view only team member role, Project Champion, is available in the Team Member tab of a project. This makes it easy for projects to be grouped under a Vice President and found by filtering for the Champion’s name in using the filters on the various Project Dashboards.
  • Users can now select which of the project’s Level 1 project benefits metrics will be used to summarize the savings or benefit of a project. Select the target icon on the Level 1 metric when creating the project workflow.

Bug Fixes

  • At least 1 primary metric was not selected by default in a goal tile.
  • Quarterly metric charts in goals failed to display in certain circumstances.
  • Various other bugs and enhancements.

Removed Functionality

  • None