KPI Fire Release Notes 166:

  • New Feature: Sum all vs. sum current
    • Metrics can now display either the current month to date, or the entire year selected on the summary tile.
    • new KPI Fire feature: Sum All vs. Sum Current
  • Subtask Bug Fixes
    • subtasks load without needing a page reload
    • moving subtasks to another task group no longer makes the subtask disappear
  • Filtering by Year issue in Timeline view
  • Project Export: Fix issue affecting single project
  • Dashboard Security: Dashboard views follow metric security rules by user & visible to all
  • Small UI fixes on add user page
  • Other bug fixes for improved quality
  • Fix formatting of Y-axis display on project benefits tile to allow each tile to have it’s own
  • Add last updated date to the metric tile info icon popup.
  • new KPI Fire feature: last updated


Release date(s): Dec 6 & Dec 18, 2018