Product Updates

We are happy to announce some new enhancements & fixes:
(Last Release July 29, 2022)

Note: if you don’t see the same thing in your account, try clearing your cache/cookies or use a “new private window” to refresh the cache.

New Features

Metrics:  Huddleboard

  • Project Benefit Account tile, added option to show Target + Actual and/or Budget Values in Bowling View
    • Go to Metrics:  Huddleboard
      • Select or create Huddleboard
        • Add:  New Tile as Metric
        • Select Bowling Chart
        • Can now see the number of linked projects selected or created
Linked Projects visible in HB
  • Project Benefit Account tile, added option to show Target + Actual and/or Budget Values in Bowling View
    • Go to Metrics:  Huddleboard
      • Add Benefit Tile or Open Filter in existing benefit

Idea Funnel

  • Added new tabs for “To Prioritize”, “Prioritized Ideas”, “Rejected Ideas”, “Total Ideas”

Project Task Group

  • Implement “sticky headers”
    • Task group header row now sticks to the top of the page while scrolling

Daily Update

  • Added “My Projects” panel to Daily Updates page

Projects:  Clone a Project

  • A team member with edit access can clone a project
    • Open a project
    • Click Actions
    • Click Clone As Project
Clone as Project

Projects:  Reports

  • Now easier to locate missing project benefits.
    • Go to Project Budget Report
      • Drill down on the benefit
      • Cell will be highlighted if target >$0 and actual has no value
Project Budget cell highlighter if >0

Updates/Bug Fixes

  • Release Date 7/29/2022
    • Removed limit of tasks that are visible
    • Fixed Huddleboard Chart Tile where most recent was showing daily sum instead of most recent
  • Release Date 7/25/2022
    • Fixed UI issues:
      • For small screens/tablets/mobile devices where some project fields were being hidden
      • Overlap issue when filtering by project team member
    • Adjusted alignment issue when metric headers were modified with large text
    • Fixed issue where some project records may not show up in list views
  • Release Date 7/21/2022
    • Changed icon for “is Primary” for better visibility for visually impaired users
    • Added ability to edit uploaded file name under Task Attachments
    • Formatted Metric Bowling View to accept input of 23% as 23%, input of 23 will be 2300%
    • Adjusted alignment for Metrics with longer custom column names
    • Fixed issue with linked items not showing in Goal Detail linked items tab
    • Fixed issue with user filter not refreshing on Project Summary Report
    • Fixed issue with Saved Views
  • Release Date 7/15/2022
    • Added deeplinking for Project Budget & Project Benefit report.
    • Improved layout on mobile devices
    • Fixed issue with recalculate Project Benefits
  • Release Date 7/5/2022
    • Fixed decimal display in Bowling View and currency formatting on Huddleboard
    • Strategy users can now add themselves to the team or project that is within their department
    • When exporting files with special characters the special character now shows
    • File added on notes tab now showing on  the files tab of project benefits files section
    • Fixed issue with newly added task tile disappearing
    • Fixed issue where blue paperclip may not show when using link vs. attachment
    • Minor security update to make encrypted passwords more secure
    • Fixed issue with Huddleboards where project task group status selections were not saving
    • Fix occasional issue where new project benefit button not working
    • Metric next due date. When a new actual value is entered, the next due date for metric will advance based on selected input frequency.
    • On Project Charter: Do not show ROI calculation unless at least one Project Benefit account type “Cost” exists.
    • Some Improvements for project task layout on smaller screen devices
    • Project Benefit Budget report: enable saving of secondary filter criteria with saved views
    • Show the Notes box when changing Project Status to Cancelled
    • Small text formatting issue on Huddleboard
    • Project Benefit Budget report, Drill down on Project Benefit Account. Change to Project Benefit Year totals: Change to display of year to show sum of total for year displayed. Will show year sum even if a user selects a time period with less than the full year selected. This will make it easier for users to know if they are viewing the project total vs. each year contribution.