Product Updates

We are happy to announce some new enhancements & fixes:
(Last Release May 25, 2022)

Note: if you don’t see the same thing in your account, try clearing your cache/cookies or use a “new private window” to refresh the cache.

New Feature

  • Project Charter: Changes to Linked Metric Tile
    • Works better with non-financial linked metrics
  • Metrics:  Huddleboard
    • One row option on bowling chart where it only shows the actual value and color
  • Search:  Hover over project and popup appears with important project information
  • Settings:  Enable External Idea Submission
  • Available in Huddleboard Project List Tile
    • Add/Remove columns
    • Re-order column sequence
  • Coming soon in Project List View and Idea Funnel


  • On Charter
    • Removed excess spacing on charter
    • Updated interface for linking of Goals/Metrics/Projects
    • ui adjustments to Key Dates

New Idea

  • Ability to select workflow from drop down list on New Idea page
    • Enter your problem or idea
    • Select Workflow
New Feature Now select workflow on New Idea page
  • Configure a default workflow for new ideas (must be an admin user)
    • Configure in Settings> New Idea Default Workflow
New Idea Default Workflow

Add/Link Goal & Metric Modal

  • Search results display metrics and goals in hierarchy based on child/parent relationships
Goal Metric Hierarchy1

Performance Fix

Performance Fix

  • Improved performance of get users API
    • 7% improvement in average page load time

Bug Fix

  • Fixed blank Huddleboard name
  • Fixed issue with pasting url of image when you click on Add Link to File
  • Fixed roll up issue with Project Charter Tab
  • Fix issue with status column & priority column filter
  • Divide by zero error
  • Changed the complete percent calculation for Smaller is Better metrics
    • (Actual – Begin Red ) / ( Target – Begin Red).  Note: Must have Begin Red value for Smaller is Better
  • Bigger is Better metrics Calculation for % Complete for Bigger is Better metrics is
    • (Actual / Target
  • Fixed regression from prior updated where some departments were missing

Status Report

  • Removed “Weekly” from subject line of status reports to align with other status report intervals.