The KPI Fire app will be receiving various updates this week:


  • Goal Tile: Now rolls up sub goal and sub project data
  • Department Setting Access on New Goal, New Metric, New Project, New Idea. You can now set a department access other than your own department.
  • Users Project page now shows your Active projects only by default. You can still select other projects from the dropdown menu.
  • Set Start Date OR Due Date in Project Tasks.
  • Slight Interface improvements to Project view selector icons and text
  • Project View: Work by Team member: Project names are now clickable
  • Project Tasks:  added priority = Low
  • Reversed the select all option in global filters for users.
  • Projects Gant chart: project names now clickable
  • Added option for Unassigned user for all project tasks
  • Project Benefit Exports now include Notes column
  • Charter Data now allows longer text
  • Charter Data: changing workflows now applies new charter data (and keeps old data too)


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue where Idea Impact and Idea effort were not saving
  • Project Views for work time by team member now follows global filters
  • Department default setting not matching department in filters.


Please Note: If you are not seeing any of these features or fixes or having other issues in your account after a new release it can be a good idea to “clear your cache”.

Here are instructions for clearing cache in Chrome:

  1. Right click anywhere in browser area.  Select Inspect.
  2. Locate the Network Tab, check the box : Disable Cache
  3. Reload the page