The KPI Fire app will be receiving various updates this week:
Scheduled for:  Dec 30-31, 2017


  • Goal Bowling Chart View now has projects:  This view is now an excellent Strategy Overview that can be used to communicate the status of your strategic plan.

  • Drag & Drop added to Timeline views.  Change task start & end dates by dragging & dropping.


  • Project Start & End Dates now have separate values for Planned & Actual.
  • New Option for creating a notification when a message is added to a project
  • Add Notes tab to Metric, & display history in Newest to Oldest, & add user name.
  • Adjust main menu so the icons don’t hide so quickly when browser size is reduced.


Other Fixes:

  • Fixed issue where project benefits would not calculate Actual when some fields were left empty.
  • Fixed text alignment issues in Project Benefits
  • Fixed issue with Changing currency selection not updating
  • Resize User avatars to reduce size & improve page load time
  • Various UI display cleanup issues


Upcoming Releases:

  • In this release we also did some behind the scenes work on some features that you won’t see today, but you will see in the upcoming releases including a new Kanban view for tasks
  • Adding support for displaying Created  by & Date & Last updated by & date info




Please Note: If you are not seeing any of these features or fixes or having other issues in your account after a new release it can be a good idea to “clear your cache”.

Here are instructions for clearing cache in Chrome:

  1. Right click anywhere in browser area.  Select Inspect.
  2. Locate the Network Tab, check the box : Disable Cache
  3. Reload the page