The following fixes & features are scheduled for release June 10, 2018

  • Export All Metric: Added option to Export All as CSV.  Option applies to current global filter set and permissions for Admin users.  (Tip: if you don’t see the option listed refresh your browser)
  • Weekly Metric Import
  • Link Goals & Metrics from Project Charter Tab. (now allows you to add new linked metrics in addition to displaying them)
  • Make workflows visible by default when copy/cloning
  • Fix Dept Filter display when multiple depts are selected
  • Fix Project Benefit calculation may be including cancelled projects, in some cases


158 -B  (updated June 16, 2018)

  • Fix issue affecting drag/drop of tasks with sub tasks and move to top.
  • Add Project health heart to the project tile in tile view
  • New Navigation to the Dashboard feature from Metrics page selector dropdown.
  • Add new indicator of filter applied to project summary headers

Next Up:

  • Add Global Filters in Saved View modal
  • Project Export: Option to exclude audit trail (for faster exports)
  • Project List View: expand columns for notes
  • Allow Strategy Users to add other users
  • Create Teams: Add teams to projects as users