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Release Notes June 180(A/B)

Release 181 B June 19, 2019

  • Import Tasks into your Projects
  • Updated Reports & Notifications
  • Sysadmin User Page now features Account status (Ok, Trial, Cancelled, etc.)
  • Field Names now added when you press Enter
  • Fix: Metric Pareto Reason code. May not show after new reason is added.
  • Fix: Importing a Project will now have correct department names
  • Fix: Adding goals in grid view is optimized.


Release 181 A  June 14, 2019

  • Metrics: Improved support for Red vs. Green visualization when only entering an Actual Value and Target value.
  • Improved: Filters on Grid/Bowling/x-matrix view for sub departments
  • Bug: goal department name not saving in some cases.
  • Bug fix: New Goal in x-Matrix could show up 2x in some cases.



Release  180 A&B June 9 2019

  • Fixed a few issues affecting Task Approvals:
    • Pending approvals sh0w in Daily Updates page
    • Teams can be added as Approvers for Tasks. Any member of team can approve the task.
  • Restrict access to Pareto/Category/Tags to Admin Users.



  • Goal Filter Hierarchy restored
  • Fix Project Import.
  • Adjust width of Metric screen.
  • Fix issue affecting Department name in bowling view.
  • Fixed/Improved Project Benefits data input for percentage values.


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