New Features & Fixes from March 2019

  • Dashboard Feature Enhancements: Add Goals, Projects, and custom text tiles in addition to Metric tiles.
  • Goal Import feature now available.
  • Updated UI for Bowling Chart View:
  • Photos added to a Task are now Preview-able without downloading the photo.
  • Workflow Title Names: Increased max characters from 64 to 255
  • Email Notifications have an updated layout
  • Selecting a cell in the X-matrix will now let you toggle the relationships between SMBs.
  • Grid View is now the default for Goals Tab
  • X Matrix: Hovering over a goal or metric will highlight all related goals or metrics
  • Search: You Can Now Search For a Task by it’s Task Number
  • Metrics: If a metric has related  or sub metrics, they will now show as a line chart on the parent metric.  Click the bar to drill down.


  • Project Export: Fixed: Dates were adjusting by timezone offset.[T]
  • Project Workflow> Task approvals: small u/i change to give more space to approval.
  • X-Matrix View: Minor fixes for alignment.
  • Metric Modals: Adding a Level 3 Metric will display without saving the metric first.
  • Outdenting tasks will update without reloading the page first
  • When selecting tasks, the default will be ‘no tasks’ rather than ‘all tasks’ to avoid accidental deletion
  • Project Benefits: Quarter & Year view totals were not always refreshing when changing years.
  • Moving Task Groups & Task with sub tasks: Improved performance when moving.
  • Projects: Fixed, Column headers were cut off when filters were only showing 1 result.
  • Grid View: Fixed minor text alignment issue on left side of grid.
  • Grid View: Improve filtering by department.
  • Metric Alerts: Any update to metric note was re-triggering control alert.[B]
  • Clicking into a cell in bowling chart view will no longer erase data inside it.
  • Default Goal Span will be within one year; 2019-2019 rather than 2019-2020.
  • Updated Functionality for the Bowling Chart
  • Grid View Filters will Now Show Goals Lower than Level 3
  • Level 3 Goal Modals will now show Original Parent Goal at the top

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