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Balanced Scorecard – Feature Help

Using a Weighted Scorecard for Strategy Execution

Balanced Scorecard is a popular methodology for managing strategic performance.
This methodology uses a balanced set of financial and non-financial goals and metrics.

Why use a Balanced Score Card (BSC)?

  • Standardize your format for “Business Review Meetings”
  • Simplify interpretation of business metrics
  • Create accountability for internal business metrics that drive external results
  • Benefit from established best practices

Create a Balanced Scorecard

  1. Click +ADD
  2. Select New Huddleboard


3. Name the Huddleboard, select Department, and visibility.

Note:  BSC will be visible in the waffle (huddleboard menu).

4. Click “add goal”  to select an existing or create a new goal.

Link Metrics to a Goal

  1. Click on Goal name to open goal detail tile.
  2. Select Action>> Add/Edit Metric

Point Scale

Auto-calculate the BSC Score field based on 5 tier point scale.  Admin users can configure the points that correspond with each zone.


  • This setting will apply for all metrics in your account.
  • Inside each metric, the BSC Score will be auto-calculated when the actual field is updated.

To Configure:

  1. Settings>> Point Scalebalanced scorecard point scale

Balanced Scorecard Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How do I remove a goal from balanced scorecard?
A. Click edit weight/scale icon. click unlink option in action column.

Q: Can I have more than 4 goals on a balanced score card?
A: Yes. Four are displayed by default, but you can add more by clicking “add Goal”.

Q: Can I re-order the goals in the BSC?
A: The sequence is assigned when goals are added to the BSC. To re-order, unlink the items & re-link in the desired sequence.   All metric scores will remain with the metrics.

Q: What is a Normalized Score?
A: All metrics can be measured on a scale (eg 1-5, 1-10) so that the performance of metrics with different units, or values can be evaluated against each other.

Best Practices & Tips for Success:

-Balanced Scorecard feature works best with “monthly” Data Input Frequency. If you have a metric that is only measured 1 time per year, we recommend you set it up as Data Input Frequency = Monthly.

-The note displayed in the Balanced Scorecard is from the corresponding metric input on the row corresponding to the month selected in the date selector in top left of page.

-See previous month scores by adjusting the date selector input in upper left corner.

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