Users: Current, Add New, Settings

How to add new users individually and by domain:

Settings –> Users

License Type Help:

  • Learn more about which license type to assign users

Current Users:

Find current users in the account to view or update their license type, department, status or delete the user.

  • Use the top checkbox to mass update all users, or select individual users to edit
  • Status options: Active/ Disabled / Invited (pending)

Invite Users:

  • Search users with an invite that are not accepted
  • Invite new user: first name, last name, email (any domain), department, license type
  • Action: Resend Invitation

Profile Settings:

  • Add/Delete Certification Levels

Invite Settings:

  • Add/Delete Allowed Domains
    • Users with allowed domains can be added to account.
    • Option for added users to invite other users (with permitted domains)