Tasks: Status and Approvals

Manage tasks with approvals

When to Use Approvals:

By default, tasks are created as no approval required. Set required approvals on tasks that will need another person to sign-off on their completion. Any person on the project team can be set as an approver.

Read more about How to Add Users to a Project.

Status Types:

  • To Do
  • Doing
  • Done
  • Pending


  • No Approval Required
  • Approval Required
  • Pending
  • Approved

1. Set the task to require an approval

  • Click the hand to toggle the approval setting

Default: No Approval Required

Approval Required

  • Approval modal will open to add new approver. Multiple approvers can be set.

Add Approver(s)

2. When task is complete, mark the status at “Pending”

  • The approver will be notified to review the task

3. The approver can either approve or deny task completion

  • If approved, the task status changes from “Pending” –> “Done”
  • If denied, the task status changes from “Pending” –> “Doing” and the process is repeated.

Task Done, Task Approved!

Add Task Approvals widget to Project Charter (Coming Soon…)

To add the Approvals widget to the Project Charter:

1. Go to the Project Charter page. Click Action, select Add New Tile.

2. Check the box to show the Approvals modal.

3. The Approver user will be able to approve/reject the pending tasks from this modal. 

Note: Any task with approval will show in the approval modal.