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New Feature Advanced Search

Advanced Search

A new feature to find tasks more easily.

Who has access to it:

  • Admin, Executive, Strategy, and Project License users

What you can do with it:

  • Find tasks across multiple projects, users, and departments
  • Search based on the task name, status, owner, due date, and notes
  • Can combine search filters to refine results

Filter Use

Use filters individually or combine them for more specific results.

Task Name:

  • Contains- finds any tasks with those characters in the title
  • Equals- finds the task with the exact characters in the title

Task Status:

  • Equals- Finds all tasks with selected status type
  • Not Equals- Finds all tasks except those with selected status type

Task Owner:

  • Equals- Finds all tasks with selected users as task owner. Can select multiple names
  • Not Equals- Finds all tasks except ones owned by the selected name(s)
  • *Project License* User must be on the same project team in order to search for tasks by other users.

Task Due Date:

  • Equals- Finds all tasks with the selected due date
  • Before- Finds all tasks before the selected due date
  • After- Finds all tasks past the selected due date

Task Note:

  • Contains- Finds all tasks that contain the specified characters in the notes section
  • Empty- Finds all tasks that have no added notes

Other Features in Advanced Search

Clear Search:

  • Start a fresh search query

Results Count:

Results Pages:

  • Multiple pages of results
  • Select the amount of results per page

Sort Results:

  • Can sort results by any of the table columns

User License Access

User Right’s for Advanced Search:

  • Admin– can view all tasks
  • Executive– cannot see tasks in private projects if not on team
  • Strategy– cannot search for tasks of other users if not on same project team
  • Project– cannot search for tasks of other users if not on same project team
  • Team– no access
  • Idea– no access
  • Viewer– no access

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