Goal Health by Linked Metric

Goal Health can now be automatically calculated based on the Red/Amber/Green status of the metrics linked to the Goal.

To Enable Automatic Goal Health:

  • Open Goal, click Settings Tab:  Select Goal Auto-Health = Yes.  Save.
  • Goal health with automatically update based on all linked metrics and take the lowest health of the individual linked metrics
  • If a metric does not have a value in the current period, the most recent period value will be used
  • This setting must be turned on for each goal separately
Goal Health Linked Metric Color
Green (default) No metrics are linked, linked metrics have no data, or all linked metrics are green.
Yellow A linked metric is yellow and no linked metrics are red
Red A linked metric is red

Example Green Goal

Example Yellow Goal

Example Red Goal

  • Update goal health manually is disabled in header and status report when auto calculate is enabled