Product Enhancements – Release Notes August 2021

We are happy to announce some new enhancements & fixes:
(Released August 1 – August 31, 2021)

Note: if you don’t see the same thing in your account, try clearing your cache/cookies or use a “new private window” to refresh the cache.


  • Improved handling for bounced emails. This may affect some customer accounts if they were using fake/non-working emails for any users.
  • Stopped sending invalid emails to SSO enable accounts.

Metric Import/Export 

  • Columns reordered to provide more consistency between export and import files
  • All import input frequencies to allow variations of text (e.g. can import via month, monthly, Month, Monthly)
  • Actions –> Import: Updated functionality to create multiple new metrics with different input frequencies in the same import, except for hourly input frequency
  • Improved export for 5-year view


  • NEW Archive status for metrics
  • Allows user to remove unused metrics from all views, without deleting the data
  • From Search tab, user can choose to reactivate archived metrics later

Metric Data Tab – Archive Status:

Search – Include Archives:

Metric Data Tab: 

  • Allow editing notes and custom fields in parent metric when Data Input Method = Sum sub metric data
  • Text Update on Remind me and Metric Due Date tooltips

Metric Bowling View 

  • Weekly input frequency metric header updated when data mode set to sum sub metrics

Search Enhancements 

  • Updated UI
  • Latest results on top
  • The result should load when switching tab after search
  • Added Loader on the page to show results if it takes time to display
  • Improved project search performance
  • Corrections in search records with Admin license


  • Performance enhancement – improved speed of project page load

Project Benefit Reports

  • Gauge & Chart views – Correction in Calculations

Project Task Tab 

  • Show Due date to None when task duration in the selected workflow is zero
  • Correction in Status & Count update in case of Prior tasks
  • Improvements in task move via Multi-selection

Project Team Tab 

  • Email to new member only if Notify selected issue fix
  • Delete team member issue fix

Projects –> Task Tiles 

  • Hover over extended titles to view full name
  • Notes and attachment icons update
  • Project task tiles – updated UI to be consistent across task views
    1. Kanban view
    2. Huddleboard Single Project Tasks tile
    3. Daily Update page

Projects Export 

  • Corrections in Date fields

Project Portfolio Timeline View 

  • NEW gray formatting for completed projects

Huddleboard – Single Project Tile

  • NEW added edit icon to allow switching project tile type between messages, tasks, and details.

Huddleboard – Projects List Tile Filter 

  • Dropdowns list display in order from A to Z
  • NEW added 2 more options to filter the project list by Project Sponsor and Project Team Member