Product Enhancements – Release Notes March 2023

We are happy to announce some new enhancements & fixes:
(Last Release – March 10, 2023)

Note: if you don’t see the same thing in your account, try clearing your cache/cookies or use a “new private window” to refresh the cache.


NEW Metric Tree View

  • Metrics –> Tree View
  • Click the “+” icon to select one or more parent metrics from the side bar in order to view all levels of their sub-metrics in a tree format.
  • Use this view to more easily visualize hierarchical relationships and better understand the impact of related metrics.

NEW Settings –> Metric Setup:

  • Drag & drop metrics to modify metric hierarchy with parent and sub-metric linking
  • Add new sub-metrics by using the “+” icon
  • This view makes it easier to create parent-child relationships between metrics and to visualize the metric relationships.

Metric Data

  • NEW way to calculate metric Green, Yellow, and Red Zones based on % of target.
    • Set each zone by manually entering a percentage in the second row of data table.

Bowling View

  • Selected view mode saves when page is refreshed.

Metric API

  • Get MetricALL API will return 0 or null values.

Gauge Charts

  • Colors updated on metric gauge charts.

Project Reports

Project Benefit Exception Report

  • New report available to export Project Benefit Exception Report grouped by project benefit status:
    • Projects on Target: Actual > Target
    • Projects at Risk: Actual < Target
    • Projects Cancelled: Project Status = Cancelled

Project Budget Report

  • User benefit account selection is saved and will display the same next time user views report.
  • Chart line displays as red or green depending on if actual benefit is greater or less than the target benefit.
  • Target line is displayed by default.
  • Chart key is sorted into four columns: Budget, Target, Actual, and Forecast.

Project Benefit Report

  • When target line is toggled off, it will not be included in exports.
  • Budget is now visible on charts.
  • Filter by Project Benefits added to more filters
    • If a child benefit is selected, then the parent benefits (to the root level) will also be selected. If the parent benefit is unselected the child will be unselected automatically.


Task Tab

  • Fixed schedule color for project when overdue task is deleted. Project status will recalculate value once task is deleted.
  • Filter tasks by user: Select a user in the % complete task count modal to filter tasks.
  • Task name is added to task link when copied.


  • Idea Funnel – fixed filter dropdown options for table columns

Settings –> Users

  • NEW Assign a user to multiple departments.
    • Users will have added visibility of goals, metrics, and projects for the departments they are assigned.

General Updates/ Bug Fixes

  • Project Benefit Budget chart:
    •  Budget chart showing all selected project benefit accounts.
  • Project Benefit Reports:
    • Goal filter fixed.
  • Spanish translations applied to multiple areas of the application.
  • Technical Support topic dropdown fixed.