The following features were updated/ added in March 2020

  • Improvements to page load time on Metric Bowling view
  • Improvements to saving on Metric Details page.  Metric History will now only be updated when you click “save”.
  • Task that do not have an owner or due date assigned will be updated when moved to “doing” with the logged in user and current date.
  • Project List View: Status Report Note field: Increase Number of characters to display from 50 to 200.
  • Project Kanban View: (Beta Release)

The following features were updated/ added in February 2020

  • You can now add a Team Member tile to your Charters.  This can be done in the Workflow setup by selecting “new tile” or from an existing project in the Action>>New Tile>>Team Tile buttons.
  • On Projects Detail page, the Add New Tile button was moved to the Action Button.
  • Fixed a bug on Global filters for Categories.

Pending/Scheduled for April

  • Goal List view: add option to edit columns.
  • Project Charter: add multiple photos to project charter.
  • Fixed: Deleting a task not recalculating the % complete on a task group.
  • Fixed: Grid view, some linked projects not showing up.

<< Earlier Release Notes: Q1:2020 February/March

>>Next Release Notes:  Q2:2020 April