apple vs lenovo

I’m going to tell a story here so just hang tight… there is a point.

I needed a new laptop. Not just because one of my clients laughed out loud at my trusty HP laptop from Costco, but because its slowness was driving me crazy. I’ve probably wasted a year of my life waiting for that A3 processor to start up. So I started looking for laptop computers. I thought I wanted a Mac (sound of sheep baaing in the background)… after all, it’s what all the cool kids are using. But I knew I wasn’t going to settle for less than 10 truck-loads of memory and the fastest processor I could find. So I took a little trip to Best Buy and there it was. A Lenovo Yoga. It’s a sexy little thing and it has…


What’s the point? Simple. You have to give customers what they want! I really was 90% certain I was going to get a Mac… until I tried the touch screen.

“We don’t think it’s the right interface, honestly,” – Craig Federighi, Apple senior vice president of software engineering

Apple has openly declared they WILL NOT release a computer with a touch screen because their track pads are just too awesome. No really, you can read about it here.  Apple engineers products so superior us lowly consumers couldn’t possibly know what we want.

But what if the customers really do know what they want? Apple doesn’t care…


Apple came out with a smaller tablet, and a bigger phone… both of which Steve Jobs swore would never happen.

And the bottom line? I LOVE MY TOUCH SCREEN. I already can’t live without it. I’m constantly trying to touch the screen on my son’s laptop much to his amusement. It works great giving demos of KPI Fire to potential customers. Type, go, touch, go… It just works.

So Apple still puts on a tough, “we’re too cool” front, but if they don’t want to return to the non-glory days of near extinction their going to have to be humble and listen to the Voice of the Customer… just like the rest of us.

Here’s to making Our Customers Priority #1 in 2015! Let’s do this.

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