I was fortunate to spend the evening with a group of extremely successful and bright leaders. They are mad scientists, serial entrepreneurs who’ve founded successful companies like QZZR, Scan, Launch Leads, and others. I left inspired and thought it would be a crime to not share what I learned with the rest of you.

  1. Think bigger. Literally anything is possible and you can make it happen. Don’t let your vision be limited by what you think is realistic. Want to hit your sales numbers this month? Add a zero. What to go on a hike? Head to Nepal. There is no ceiling.
  2. Get your mind right. You have to be mentally healthy and strong to tackle the challenges ahead. Don’t ever doubt your abilities. You are not dependent on others to succeed. Change your surroundings, your perspective, then refocus.
  3. Run your own race. You can read books about how others succeeded but their strategy andexperience will not be the same as yours. That doesn’t mean you are doing anything wrong. Know who you are and what works for you in business and life. Your way is the right way. Your story will inspire others.

    …and the final note of the night.

  4. Be remarkable. Whatever you do make it amazing, special, and different. If you do everyone will talk about it. Customers will come to you. You’ll be promoted. Whatever your goals, good things will happen as a natural consequence of being remarkable.

I hope you feel even a little inspired to go bigger, do more, and make it amazing in your own unique way.

Special thanks to Peak Ventures (www.peakventurecapital.com) and Movement Ventures (http://movementventures.com/) for putting on this event.Einstein - Tongue Out